Friends Who Design

Friends Who Design

Friends Who Design is a weekly podcast series by two best friends who have a strong passion for product design and UX design.

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    S1:E4 - Our Favorite Product Designs

    John and Dennis discuss their favorite hardware and software designs of today and how they influence and inspire their work.

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    S1:E3 - Design Review - Spotify

    Episode three is Dennis and John's first live design review. The first of three reviews on the top three music streaming apps... starting with Spotify.

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    S1:E2 - The Latest & Greatest Prototyping Tools

    In episode two, John and Dennis discuss pros and cons of the latest and greatest prototyping tools, organized into four levels based on the learning curve and speed of delivery. They then rank their top 3 favorite prototyping tools.

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    S1:E1 - Your New Friends

    Welcome to the first episode of Friends Who Design! In this episode, get to know John Angelo and Dennis Camacho as they share their vision and goal for this new design series.